Happy Anniversary PBN!

Tonight is the 10th Anniversary celebration of the formation of Pro Bono Net, where I worked for about 5 1/2 years.  I started as its third employee -- me and the two co-founders.  It was my first step away from the practice of law and into the world of pro bono as a career. It's amazing how far the organization has come since then -- looking forward to celebrating!

On the Fritz

I returned home last night from a very relaxing weekend all ready to get some work done for this week's blog posts. Instead, I came home to find my internet down once again. Now this has happened twice before, and each time I made an appointment for an RCN technician to come fix it. Also each time, it has fixed itself before the technician was scheduled to come. This time, regardless of whether it fixes itself before 11 am today, I'm having the technician come replace my modem. This is ridiculous. (And PS, I'm posting from my BlackBerry, which is my only connection to the outside world at the moment.)

UPDATE:  And of course, it fixed itself at 11:30, but I'm still waiting for RCN.  Sigh.

I am a Junkie

My internet was down for less than 24 hours and I was having the twitchy fits.  Apparently I have a problem.  Seems to be back up for the time being.  I don't mind being offline when I plan to be -- it's just when I don't plan it and I am cut off suddenly that I start jonesing.  I could have worse addictions, I suppose.

All in the Family

I've been considering upgrading my phone.  Not because it doesn't work, and not because I don't love the artichoke picture I have on it (ordered it in lieu of an upgrade a while back), but because I seem to be texting more and more and the T9 text entry drives me nuts.  I would love something with a QWERTY keyboard.  And no, I don't want an iPhone at the moment.  So, I went into the Verizon store and asked questions about various models, but alas, one of the issues with upgrading is that I am on one of their "Family Plans."  Now this is fantastic, mind you, as it keeps my phone bill quite low (thanks, family!), but at the same time, I have learned that if I want to change to a plan with any sort of "data" use (which I'd have to do, I think, if I upgraded my phone), we have to switch our whole plan, at a potential cost increase to everyone.  I'm still collecting all the details, but I don't think it's worth it at the moment. I'd rather stick with the family and continue to send stunted, misspelled texts, at least for now.  Anyone have recs for Verizon QWERTY phones in case I decide to switch soon?


jam and gin

(Because @cocktailspirit took a better picture than I did.)  Many thanks to all who came out for last night's Clear Liquor Tweetup at Double Crown -- a very successful follow-up to our Brown Liquor Tweetup at Char No. 4 a few weeks back.  At our peak capacity, we probably had over a dozen people, many of whom hadn't met previously, and one attendee from as far as Canada.  All and all, a very impressive turnout.  It was a pleasure meeting/seeing all of you (let's see who I can remember):  @livethelushlife, @cocktailspirit, @halw, @lincolnwrites, @girluninterrupt, @ekeynyc, @jonathanmoxey, @shotsandcuts, @MarianaCardier, @arjunbasu, @devintrix, @jeneanchapman, @pasakorn.  A toast to the power of Twitter!!  And Gin, of course.  Thanks also to the team at Double Crown for their hospitality.

GChat Giggle

Sent to me over GChat (possibly by accident, as it was from someone I've never chatted with before):  "Hot Blogger" is such an oxymoron.

I chose not to take it personally.

I Think I Have a Little Addiction Problem

Yesterday I noticed that my cell phone was off, which was weird, because I didn't remember turning it off.  I turned it back on and it immediately went off again.  I had just charged it before work, so there was no reason for it to run out that quickly, I thought.  Until I thought about it some more -- that phone is over two years old and I understand that, after some point, rechargeable batteries lose their ability to hold a charge (like my antique iPod).  Sigh -- guess it's time for a phone upgrade.  I've got Verizon -- any recommendations?