With the new year approaching, I thought it was time for a (mobile-friendly) makeover. I'm not 100% done tweaking it yet, but let me know if you have any feedback. I'm also thinking I might focus more on posting about cooking, eating, drinking, and exercise (yes, even more than I already do) . . . stay tuned!!

Spring Cleaning

Just in case you didn't notice, I've done a little spring cleaning here at Sweet Blog o' Mine. I cleaned out (and am still updating) my blogroll, did a little redesign, and removed some redundant links, etc. I hope you like it!  Now if I could just do the same thing with my clothes and some of the junk around my apartment I'd be all set. . .


When I first set up my blog, in 2002, blogging was fairly new.  To be fair, I didn't start blogging on a regular basis until 2003, when I went public and told my friends and family about it, so even if I count from then, I've been blogging for close to seven years now.  SEVEN YEARS.  It is fascinating to me to look back and get a glimpse of my life over that time (take a look at the archives if you don't believe me).  I have several friends who start blogs, give them up, start new ones when something happens in their life, then let those fizzle out as well, but I have been posting consistently for SEVEN YEARS.  Hey -- it may not be thrilling, given my writing guidelines, but at least I'm consistent.  Yay me.

What's Cooking


jam and gin

(Because @cocktailspirit took a better picture than I did.)  Many thanks to all who came out for last night's Clear Liquor Tweetup at Double Crown -- a very successful follow-up to our Brown Liquor Tweetup at Char No. 4 a few weeks back.  At our peak capacity, we probably had over a dozen people, many of whom hadn't met previously, and one attendee from as far as Canada.  All and all, a very impressive turnout.  It was a pleasure meeting/seeing all of you (let's see who I can remember):  @livethelushlife, @cocktailspirit, @halw, @lincolnwrites, @girluninterrupt, @ekeynyc, @jonathanmoxey, @shotsandcuts, @MarianaCardier, @arjunbasu, @devintrix, @jeneanchapman, @pasakorn.  A toast to the power of Twitter!!  And Gin, of course.  Thanks also to the team at Double Crown for their hospitality.