Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for the radio silence, kids. I have been a little busier than I'd prefer and when I have had down time, I have had zero interest in being in front of a computer. I am currently on an Amtrak en route to DC for a conference law school public interest/pro bono people and am headed off to the woods with college friends upon my return to NYC.

In my absence, please allow yourself to be entertained by this video of Supreme Court arguments being acted out by animals.


While I was in Maine last week, for a decent portion of the trip I was in a cabin on a lake in Casco, Maine. This was incredibly relaxing on many fronts, not the least of which was the spotty cell service and lack of wifi. Sometimes I don't realize how much time I spend either in front of a computer or checking my phone, futzing around on social media or texting with people. It was truly a pleasure to unplug and walk away from the electronic tether. Don't get me wrong -- I still looked at my phone  and walked over to our neighboring cabin for a dose of wifi every now and again, but nowhere near as much as I do in my day-to-day life in NYC. I'm going to try to maintain more unplugged time when I'm not on vacation -- I've started with keeping my phone and tablet in the other room when I go to bed -- and hope to carve out more unplugged time in addition. So don't take it personally if I don't respond right away . . .

Gearing Up


Getting my gear together (and getting my ass in gear) for a cycling trip through the Loire Valley -- I leave on Friday! Chateaux galore, wine, exercise, and gorgeous countryside, here I come. I'm a little sad, as the company I'm going with -- Blue Marble -- is winding down after this season. I've traveled with them through Galicia, Bordeaux, Provence and Tuscany -- all truly magnificent trips. Thank you, Blue Marble!!

Pacific Northwest Recap

I still feel like I'm recovering from Portland and Seattle -- a week full of work inspiration, friends, laughs, and wonderful food and drink. Many thanks to those I got to see, especially to those who treated me to food, drinks (and lodging) during my journey! xoxo

Way Out West

My apologies for the radio silence. I have been crazy-busy preparing for, traveling to, and participating in the Equal Justice Conference in Portland, Oregon. While I've been here, I have also been trying to spend time with my cocktail and non-conference friends as well -- always a juggling act, but always worth it. I'm headed to Seattle tonight for more friends, food and drink before heading back to NYC on Sunday. Recap to follow.