I watched the first episode of Glee and absolutely adored it.  It was like some sort of mash-up flashback to my years of MTM (Musical Theatre Machine), college and law school a cappella groups, stage band, musicals, the Law Revue show, and ACMAP (a.k.a. band camp) all rolled into one, except with a much healthier dose of angst than anything I ever experienced in reality.  Or at least if there was angst, or if we were being called losers behind our backs in high school, I was too blissfully oblivious to notice.   I spent so much time in my high school auditorium that when they remodeled it, I took a piece of the stage home (I wasn't the only one, for the record).  It still sitting in a closet up in Maine to this day (I hope).  I look back at all of those experiences with sheer, well, glee, and find that singing and theatre is the one thing that I don't have time for anymore that I truly, truly miss with all of my heart.  Yes, I'm a dork, but proud of it as all hell.

Raising the Bar

Inspired by my recent cocktail class, I set out this weekend on a shopping excursion to pick up some components to improve my home bar.  Nothing major, just a few essentials -- bitters, a bar spoon, some more glasses, and a key bottle or two.  Everything got a good workout in honor of the Mad Men premier last night, where @cocktailspirit and @halw shook up some classic cocktails for the rest of us to enjoy.  One such treat was the Park Avenue Cocktail (courtesy of John the Bastard):

The Park Avenue Cocktail

2  oz gin
¾  oz pineapple juice
¾  oz sweet vermouth
 oz Grand Marnier (or orange curaçao)

Shake and strain.

The one more piece of equipment I need to improve my home bar (and the rest of the home) is an air conditioner that cools more than my bedroom.

Things to Look Forward to in the Not-too-Distant Future

- The weekend.

- A lobster roll at the Brooklyn Flea.

- Unloading a bunch of stuff to the Salvation Army to make space in my apartment.

- Having my swim in the Hudson over and done with.

- Rum Tweetup.

- A week at the beach with good friends and good food.

- Mad Men season premiere, complete w/festivities.

- Bo Ssam.

Random Thoughts for Today

- I hope this weekend's weather report is wrong -- I really need a good beach weekend.  If not, I suppose I'll get a relaxing getaway weekend nonetheless.
- I like packing for trips, but am always afraid I'll forget something important.
- I'm enjoying Top Chef Masters, although the judges are much nicer to the contestants than on regular Top Chef.
- I still love doing interviews but hate transcribing them.
- I'm very bad at estimating how much pasta to cook, but that always means good leftovers.
- I already need a nap.
- I still wish I could work from bed, especially on a crappy raining day like today.  Easier for naps.

Time Travel

As some of you know, I'm a huge LOST fan (and looking forward to the season finale this week).  I've been thinking quite a bit about time travel lately.  If I could go back in time and change things in my life, would I?  It's hard to say, given that I now have a different perspective than I had in those moments in time.  Generally I think that I'd leave most of my life unchanged, but there are a few notable things that I would have done differently if given the chance.  Right now, however, I am just dreaming of a fast-forward button.

Weekend Wrapup

Let's see, where to start.  Friday night I went to a concert put on by middle school students from a set of city charter schools.  We provide pro bono legal services to the parents of one of the schools, and I've got to say, it was so wonderful to see these kids play in the orchestra knowing that some of their families are dealing with a whole host of legal issues that could potentially have an impact on their education.  It feels great to know that our lawyers are helping out.  After the show, I hit the couch hard, and as a result I was up very early Saturday morning.  I took advantage of this odd occurrence and read the paper, then went for a swim.  Afterwards, it was on to a haircut (looks good if I don't say so myself), then Mom, Stephen, and the Lovely Miss Katie came over for some snacks, prosecco, and some home improvement.  Thanks to Stephen, I now have a new light fixture in the bathroom, a shelf and a towel bar -- they look fantastic (thanks again, Stephen!).  Afterwards I met up with Rob Y. for a movie, My Blueberry Nights, which, despite having some great Jude Law eye candy, was sort of mediocre.  Cute, but mediocre. 

Sunday brought a last minute brunch with Matt and his harem, then off to Whole Foods to shop for Sunday night's dinner -- an Asian-inspired feast.  I started off with Japanese rice snacks, edamame and roasted nori to snack on, then a spicy Thai eggplant salad, followed by sesame soba noodles.  The main course was a fish with black bean and garlic sauce and sides of sesame asparagus and steamed rice.  For dessert, I made a ginger ice cream with crystallized ginger.   The recipes that weren't from Epicurious were all from the Moosewood Cookbook (a.k.a. "the cult," per Gabe).  Major thanks to Jimmy for being a fabulous sous chef and co-conspirator.


So, on the Cure front, I'm a little behind.  Only cooked a few times this week (but Sunday should count for more than one meal, I think), and didn't do so much on my list.  Although I sold my TV cabinet, the TV hasn't yet found a home -- I should probably wait a little while before I buy the new one anyway.  Maybe this weekend I can carve out some time for purging some clothing and files and begin the long process of getting all of my CD's onto iTunes. 

In case you missed it, Chip forwarded along a great article from Slate entitled "How economics and game theory explain the shortage of available, appealing men," in response to my Mapquest post.   An interesting theory . . .