Highbrow Culture

Many thanks to Rachel for taking me to see the New York Philharmonic last night. I am pleased to report that when the Wagner piece started, I thought to myself -- oh, I know this song. It's "Killed the Wabbit." That's me. Little Miss Cultured.

TV or Not TV?

Last night I connected two friends, one who creates documentaries about food and the people who make it, and another who is interested in pitching a video or TV series in the culinary realm (I don't want to give away any secrets!). We discussed his idea, tips to focus a pitch, and more, and I think it was a productive and fun evening all around (and, of course, it was all over delicious food and wine at Corkbuzz, so that didn't hurt). It got me thinking of how many times friends have told me that I should have my own show -- they seem to think it should be a reality show of some sort -- showcasing my life with all of its food and beverage adventures. I suppose some of it could be very interesting, but that's where the heavy editing would have to come in. There would be quite a bit of not-so-exciting footage, for sure. My working title is Eat, Drink, Dog. :)  I don't think I'd really be interested, but it's amusing to think about at the very least.

Weekend Wrapup


Plus a highlight from Thursday: the Momofuku Ssam duck dinner with Katie, Karen, Kim and Jackie -- which as absolutely delicious -- followed by my maiden visit to Corkbuzz. Will definitely return. Friday night I went to the Black Grouse launch party where I had some of Lynnette's amazing cocktails, then relaxed with Moxie for most of Saturday (with a few long walks and trips to the dog run, of course) after brunch with Jenn, Emilia and Vivian. I also cooked some spicy Asian wings for Sunday and did a few errands, and capped it off with a nightcap at the 8th Street Wine Cellar. On Sunday I threw some split pea soup in the slow cooker, did some writing then had lunch with Doug before heading to Brooklyn with Moxie for a tasty-as-hell Super Bowl with Colin and Jen. I had the wings in tow, and Colin whipped up some mac and cheese and his "beefy blue" potato skins. Perfect with some beer and a rye old fashioned.

Channeling Julia

Julia Child's birthday was August 15th, and as I was walking home last night I passed a window display at Broadway Panhandler filled with pictures of her.  As you know, I adore hershe's one of my heroes. I admire the way she lived her live to the fullest, without being overindulgent,  it seems like she had a wonderful marriage, which is a challenging feat, and she inspired others through her actions. What's not to love? As of this moment, I have no plans on Saturday night. Maybe I'll channel Julia, open up my copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and a bottle of wine, and see what happens. For your viewing pleasure, here's a clip of Julia cooking one of my favorite things -- lobster! Thanks to you rock, lobster! for highlighting it.

On the Up & Up

So I was down for the count this week with the plague -- was out of the office for three days.  I don't remember the last time I was out sick that long.  I'm on the road to recovery now, although not 100% yet, but looking forward to my weekend, which includes: visits to Ward III and Weather Up Tribeca, a trip to the schvitz, my maiden voyage to Sripraphai, slow cooker pork & bean chili, mac & cheese, punch, the Super Bowl and, of course, the Puppy Bowl (how can you resist this lineup?).  It will also include the gym, which I haven't seen in over a week (thanks, plague!).  And, for your reading pleasure, my latest on Serious Eats New York: Meet & Eat: Caroline Dorn & Loryn Lopes, Butter Queen of Brooklyn.

Previously on LOST


Have I mentioned lately how much I love LOST?  Not just love, but borderline-somewhat-crazy-love.  Like there are several episodes I have watched more than twice love.  Like I record the old episodes when they're on Saturday nights so I can watch them yet again love.  Like I watch old episodes on my iPod on the bike at the gym love. Like I blocked the season premiere date on my calendar months ahead of time love.  Like I've already watched the season premiere twice love.  Fine -- beyond borderline -- full-on crazy.  I don't think I've ever been like this with another TV show.  I blame Sco, who brought the pilot and first few episodes on DVD to OJ one year.  Damn you/thank you!

Loved this recap, btw.  Beware the spoilers.