Hot Hot Heat!

PhotoGrid_1530547861119Yesterday I completed my 8th NYC Triathlon with a time that was 15 minutes and 38 seconds slower than my slowest tri.  I couldn't care less about my less-than-stellar performance because it was SO DAMN HOT and I took it slow and listened to my body (which was saying, "Girl, WTF do you think you are doing trying to run in this heat?").  I also took my damn sweet time during transitions -- I stopped to KT tape my foot before the bike and who knows what the hell took me so long during T2.  I also, for the first time ever (stupidly), took advantage of the post-race massage tent offered by the Swedish Massage Institute, who had reached out to me on Instagram (thank you!).  My results are below, and you can see a gallery of unflattering photos here

2018: Swim 22:57 T1 14:55 Bike 1:50:58 T2 7:05 Run 1:23:03 Total: 3:58:55

2016: Swim 21:41 T1 11:47 Bike 1:45:55 T2 4:16 Run 59:02* Total: 3:22:41

2014: Swim 18:06 T1 11:10 Bike 1:58:23 T2 4:37 Run 1:07:17 Total: 3:39:31

2012: Swim 23:28 T1 9:55 Bike 1:44:50 T2 5:02 Run 1:11:05 Total: 3:34:16

2011: Swim 22:19 T1 12:27 Bike 1:51:54 T2 4:58 Run 1:11:40 Total: 3:43:17

2010: Swim 20:54 T1 11:39 Bike 1:42:43 T2 6:26 Run 1:08:01 Total: 3:29:41

2009: Swim 24:30 T1 10:17 Bike 1:40:57 T2 4:01 Run 1:07:22 Total: 3:27:06

2008: Swim 24:30 T1 10:55 Bike 1:36:47 T2 4:00 Run 1:08:40 Total: 3:24:51

The race course was cut from 10K to 8K due to heat this year, eliminating two nasty hills -- hence the good time.


Here for a conference, but also for the eats and drinks. Day 1 highlights, clockwise from left: cochon (cracklins!), duck and sausage gumbo, both from Cochon, French 75 and souffled potatoes from Arnaud's French 75.


Welcome, 2018 (and Welcome Back)!

​Happy (belated) 2018, folks!! I know I have been somewhat lax in my blogging last year. With Facebook and Instagram, it seems a bit redundant. That said, I'm going to try to write more this year. Here's a photo collage of my holiday season. Already seems way too long ago as I get back into the work grind . . .​




This year, like most years, the 9/11 tribute lights took me by surprise.* My initial reaction is always deep sorrow, and then amazement that it was so much longer ago than it feels. Next, I feel pride in all the work that my colleagues and I did during the aftermath of the tragedy, and gratefulness for the friendships I made during that time.  Finally, I feel thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Thinking of all of you today. xoxo

*this year's view was from the Dog Palace in Brooklyn. 

Yay Maine, 4th of July Edition

En route home from a relaxing weekend at the lake with family. We started off with a power outage, which made things a bit more rustic for the first 24 hours, but nothing the lake, some lobstah, and a G&T or two couldn't fix. Got in some kayaking, swimming, grilling, ice cream at Pears (twice), and all around QT with the fam, including celebrating my sister's birthday (missing her twin brother, who was on a belated honeymoon)!