More Tales from Tales (This Time, With Video)

One (of many) event at Tales that I didn't attend was the Spirited Awards. Instead, I went and ate dinner at Cochon with some friends. Given the fact that it's historically a long, drawn-out affair with very little food (and the food that is served isn't particularly good), I think I made the right choice.  That said, I did miss some hilarious videos made by Tess Mix of  Le JIT Productions.  Luckily for all of us, she put them up on YouTube for our enjoyment. Here are my three favorites:

American Bartender of the Year


Sh*t Brand Ambassadors Say (Best American Brand Ambassador)


Best High Volume Cocktail Bar

It's a Dog's Life

Miss Moxie had a bit of a rough weekend -- she got her dew claw caught in a puppy friend's harness while they were playing on Thursday night and it tore down the the quick, so Friday I had to take her to the vet to get it clipped off. She had to be sedated and was a druggy mess on Friday night. She's still wearing the cone of shame so that she won't lick her paw and she's on antibiotics which seem to be taking away her appetite, but is otherwise in good spirits. At the very least, she's better than another of her dog park friends, Winston, who we ran into at the vet. Winston, a daschund, had burned his nether regions on some hot asphalt . . . Here's to a speedy recovery for everyone, but especially Winston!!

In other news this weekend, Mox & I had a lovely visit to Smorgasburg, I joined the 8th Street Winecellar for their 5th birthday celebration after a BYOB Italian dinner in the East Village, and I had a fun Sunday at the SuperDuper Market (Shorty Tang sesame noodles and Humphrey Slocumb ice cream!) before heading off to the Bastille Day celebration on Smith Street. Wound up the weekend with a few episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4. Not too shabby!

Weekend Wrapup

Dinner at NoMad with Karen (CHICKEN!!), early to bed Friday night. Up super-early Saturday for open water swim at Coney Island followed by 50 minute run on the boardwalk. Lounging in Washington Square Park with Moxie Mutt, beer and pretzels at Der Schwarze Kölner with Josh, Jeramy & baby Sid, drinks/snacks/dinner with Colin, Jen, Jenny, Rob & Sara, with stops at Joseph Leonard, Bobo, Amor y Amargo & Terroir EV. Slept in on Sunday, then brunch at Red Farm with Rob, Nic & Liz, and Pride-parade watching with Karen, and a pit-stop at the 8th Street Winecellar for a frozen margarita (special for Pride). More Moxie time in the park, then wine and snacks with mom at Terroir Murray Hill, and a quick visit to Gin Palace on the way home. This week I plan to lay low . . .

Weekend Wrapup

What a great weekend. On Friday night I went over to Sarah and Arlan's to catch up over a delicious dinner of mushroom papardelle, salad, and decadent cookies and ice cream for dessert.  Saturday morning I took Moxie to obedience class where we worked on "heel" and walking on a loose leash, then headed out to Ba'sik to be an extra for an ice cream commercial -- free drinks and ice cream -- not a bad way to spend an afternoon! For the evening, I joined Kim and John for a trip out to Red Hook to visit our friend Jim at Cacao Prieto, where we tasted their wares before heading to dinner (and karaoke!) at Hope and Anchor. We finished of the evening at Sunny's, where we listened to live music from the dozen or so bluegrass musicians who gather there every Saturday night. I had a relaxing Sunday morning with Moxie, then met up with Matt for brunch before seeing Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway -- having been in a production of JCS is college, it was a welcome trip down nostalgia lane. Afterwards, we had drinks at the Rum House. After a quick stop at home, I caught up with another Matt (this one is a high school friend in town from Texas) before heading to a feast at Maharlika with Lindsey, Caitlin & Jenn. Full and happy, I went home to sleep before starting out another busy week.

Weekend Wrapup


This weekend was a great mix of much-needed downtime, cocktail explorations with Ceci (like the Oaxacan Dream at Viktor & Spoils, pictured above: Vida Mezcal, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry, Lime, Agave.), catching up with friends over brunch, and hanging out in the park with Moxie, enjoying the weather. It was disrupted a bit by additional canine health and safety issues, however, including another trip to the vet for digestive strife (she is now on liquid, chicken-flavored antibiotis) and a minor incident involving a small paw somehow getting tangled in a radio antenna. I am starting to question my dog-parenting abilities. Thankfully she's not a child or I'd be the subject of an ACS investigation by now.

And on a food note: really enjoyed the nachos topped with cactus at Viktor & Spoils and the fried chicken at Monument Lane, but was heartbroken to learn that the Chicharrones Jacks are no longer on the menu at Booker & Dax.

Booze You Can Use: Broad Appeal

It's always fun to drink for a cause! Join LUPEC NYC (that's the NYC chapter of Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) as we raise money the Wounded Warrior Project at our premiere of Broad Appeal, a monthly event where one of the city's best female bartenders will recruit a celebrity male barback and join forces to raise money for their charity of choice. First up, Meaghan Dorman and Michael McIlroy this coming Tuesday from 8-12 at Macao Trading Company.

Weekend Wrapup


Plus a highlight from Thursday: the Momofuku Ssam duck dinner with Katie, Karen, Kim and Jackie -- which as absolutely delicious -- followed by my maiden visit to Corkbuzz. Will definitely return. Friday night I went to the Black Grouse launch party where I had some of Lynnette's amazing cocktails, then relaxed with Moxie for most of Saturday (with a few long walks and trips to the dog run, of course) after brunch with Jenn, Emilia and Vivian. I also cooked some spicy Asian wings for Sunday and did a few errands, and capped it off with a nightcap at the 8th Street Wine Cellar. On Sunday I threw some split pea soup in the slow cooker, did some writing then had lunch with Doug before heading to Brooklyn with Moxie for a tasty-as-hell Super Bowl with Colin and Jen. I had the wings in tow, and Colin whipped up some mac and cheese and his "beefy blue" potato skins. Perfect with some beer and a rye old fashioned.

I Need Salad

Bobo chicken at Spicy & Tasty

Meat-heavy weekend. Saxon & Parole, noshing in Flushing (pictured above, the spicy and delectable bobo chicken from Spicy and Tasty), Fatty Cue, Davis' chipotle mole chile, and Bo Ssam. Other weekend highlights: PDT, four little dogs in my apartment, Moxie's first trip to the vet, LUPEC meeting at the Beagle, Davis' dinner party fly-by, quality time with LA visitors @LushAngeles and @Allanvkatz, drinks at Booker and Dax, and meeting new folks.  Now pass the kale, please.

PS -- getting rid of my cable tonight. Wish me luck.


Being on the other side of the world in a warm climate for the first two weeks of December has definitely had on impact on me regarding this year's holiday season. Yes, I know it's December 22nd, but it does not feel at all like Christmas to me; it doesn't even feel close. This, of course, has led to my scrambling around like a crazy person trying to get my typical holiday things done; tomorrow night is reserved for building staff tips and toffee-making. Not even sure I'll have time for the granola before Christmas day with my family.

I've also given very little thought to what I'll be doing for my birthday (the day after Christmas) and New Year's Eve. I do know, however, that I'll be eating mac & cheese and watching The Big Lebowski on New Year's Day. That's a tradition not to be messed with.


As much as I wanted to do that bit from The Princess Bride at my sister's wedding tonight, I am restraining myself. She's much more grown up now, but this is still one of my favorite pictures of her. Congratulations to Katie and Pete! Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend.