I was sick during my pre-Memorial day staycation, and spent a chunk of time watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which I had started and dropped years ago. So glad I did -- some of the songs in seasons 3 & 4 are absolutely phenomenal. For those not familiar with the show, it's a musical. Each song is an homage to a musical theatre or pop genre, many instantly recognizable. Here are my two earworms for the week. First -- new work theme song ;) , a la Bobby Brown. Second -- NSFW, a hat tip to Abba.

Happy Chanukah!

A while back, I alluded to eating a bunch of fried food.  Here's why:  my first full piece in Time Out New York!  It's a round up of fried foods "for Chanukah," although many of them are not Kosher, to say the least.  I just got the print version, which looks fantastic as well. 

My other "press" this week was a highlight of the pro bono program on our firm's intranet, which came as a complete surprise to me.  And, of course, this week's Serious Eats column: Meet & Eat: César Ramirez, Brooklyn Fare.

Finally, I officially kicked off the holiday last night with a visit to Nathan Sawaya's latest exhibit of Lego art at the Agora Gallery, followed by brisket and latkes with Kim, Mike, Colin, Jen, and Arik.  Great food and company, plus, now I have leftovers!