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COVID-19: A Food Diary - In the Thick of It

I'm currently on day 22 of the Whole 30 and it has truly been an interesting and somewhat all-encompassing experience so far. I know I mentioned this in my last update, but I think about food and meal planning a LOT more than I normally do and spend a good amount of time searching for compatible recipes that mesh up with what I have in the house or are expecting in upcoming produce boxes from Farm to People. I've discovered a few websites with great Whole30 compatible recipes, many of which which lean heavily towards Asian cuisines, which I love and cook a great deal. Nom Nom Paleo has meal plans in addition to recipes, I Heart Umami, which has a Whole30 compatible potsticker recipe that saved me during a particularly fierce dumpling craving, and The Defined Dish, which gave me a hearty and comforting bolognese. These websites have been chock full of recipes, ideas, and inspiration -- thanks to the women behind each of them. 

I've also been posting pictures of all of my meals and snacks on my Instagram story -- you can find all of them on my highlights. I hope I can inspire others who are interested in Whole30 or who are just looking to incorporate more veggies into their world. 

People ask me if I'm feeling any different. Truthfully, I'm not sure. I feel less "puffy" and have probably lost weight (no scales allowed on Whole30 and my sweatpants all still feel the same) -- I still wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep for a bit, but it seems to be slightly less often. My energy levels are back to normal (they most definitely took a dip in the beginning), but I can't say I have the TIGER BLOOD that everyone talks about. I'm also really missing the foods I haven't eaten during the program and I'm looking forward to (slowly) reintroducing them soon. Here are some of my more picturesque meals since the last update.