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COVID-19: A Food Diary Days 94-108 - Nothing to See Here

Yes, I've been cooking. A lot. Still. Have I been cooking anything particularly exciting? Interesting? Photo-worthy? Not really. Some stir fries, a really tasty smashburger (served with to-go fries and a piña colada from The Happiest Hour), chicken saltimbocca with roasted baby artichokes, lots of salads with my produce deliveries (some with Trader Joe's sriracha ranch, which I finally bought, and love, but they are discontinuing, and some with homemade Mexican Goddess dressing. A lobster roll lunch picnic from Bar Sardine, bagels with cream cheese and whitefish salad (2 "mini" bagels w/spreads on one = 4 days' worth of breakfast once redistributed) from Brooklyn Bagel, delivery from Ayada Thai (thanks J&D!), chicken gyoza and scallion pancakes from Trader Joe's, brunches of TJ's protein waffles (made extra for the freezer) with sausage, and bacon, eggs, & hashbrowns.  And, of course, leftovers galore from a lot of the above and tons of fresh fruit. I think I've finally, legitimately, gotten into a better food supply groove. Until yesterday, when my Imperfect Food delivery never arrived. Grrr. . . 

Oh -- almost forgot. I pickled some beets, but haven't tasted them yet, and bought a little hand-held spiralizer, which I also used on some raw beets to put in salads (I am flush with beets at the moment).