COVID-19: A Food Diary Days 76-80 - Comfort Food
COVID-19: A Food Diary Days 94-108 - Nothing to See Here

COVID-19 A Food Diary Days 81-93 - Getting into a Groove?

20200605_153126Not really. Still generally getting too much food at once and jamming it into my overstuffed fridge and freezer, but I'm plugging along, and find that I do like the challenge of looking at everything, figuring out what needs to be cooked first, and planning from there.  The Imperfect Produce box worked well, because it's completely customizable. I'm still working on the snap peas (they're sturdy so they last long and I cut them up into salads, so I only use a few at a time), but I really liked having more fruit around than I usually do, and I went through it pretty quickly. The day after my last post I went to my beloved Trader Joe's -- for the first time since the lockdown -- and went a bit nutso there (see photo above). I got a LOT more snacks, sweets etc. than I would get in the before times, but it had been a while and the Patio chips were back so sue me. A few days later, I received my Butcher Box. I had made a concerted effort to make room in the freezer (all the meat arrives frozen), so I had room for 3lbs of chicken breast, pork tenderloin, two ribeyes, and 2lbs of ground beef, but there was no way in hell that I could squeeze in the last item -- a 6lb beast of a pork butt -- so I stuck it in the fridge to thaw. The day after that I got a box of produce from Farm to People (see below), which allows some minor customization. At that point my fridge and freezer were packed to the gills, and I had my work cut out for me. 

20200609_195403Here's an abbreviated rundown of what I've been eating since my last post: adult spaghetti-o's (defrosted from freezer) and salad (Imperfect); lamb korma (Imperfect) with (frozen) peas, (frozen) naan, and brown basmati rice; breakfast tacos (breakfast sausage from Imperfect, eggs, cheese, scallions, cilantro, salsa); NY strip (from months ago Butcher Box) and frozen veggies (pre-pandemic hoarding); buffalo ranch salad mix from TJ's; pasta with tomato (Imperfect) basil (TJ's) and mozz with more frozen veggies; avocado toast (avocado from Imperfect; bread from TJ's); egg roll bowl (to use the napa cabbage from Farm to People; made with 1/4 lb ground turkey from freezer); TJ's dumplings; chilaquiles; pressure cooker pork carnitas; charred zucchini and corn salad (frozen charred corn from TJ's, zucchini from Farm to People, feta from TJ's); cilantro lime slaw (more napa cabbage, cilantro from Imperfect); eggs, bacon and toast; yogurt (Farm to People) and everyday granola (used up a bunch of oats, dried fruit, and nuts from the pantry); bread and salted butter with sliced radishes (from Farm to People); pierogies (random substitution from Wegmans); leftovers of all of the above (I will be eating the carnitas forever; just put a quart in the freezer) and takeout from Loring Place, which just started doing takeout this past weekend.

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