COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 62 & 63 - Calm Down and Eat
COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 64 & 65 - Iron Chef Freezer/Pantry Edition

COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 64 - Am I Even Hungry?

AnswerI'm trying to ask myself this question more and more. I think I tend to eat for many, many reasons -- sometimes because I am truly hungry, but other times because of one or more of the following: it's "time" to eat, it's comforting, I'm bored, I need a "treat" or a "reward," I'm bummed out, or I really like the taste of something (despite the fact that my body is telling me I am full). Given fewer external distractions, I'm really doing my best to focus on why and how I am eating in any given moment. Yesterday I wasn't really hungry until close to noon. I had an iced coffee, but that satisfied me for a while. At around 12:30 I ate the last of my Junzi food (I'm a huge fan of both Asian and Mexican breakfasts), and then wasn't hungry again until about 6:30. But I wasn't really that hungry -- so I fixed myself a board of cheese, crackers and salami and had some chips and dip, then waited a while instead of diving in and cooking a whole dinner. About an hour and a half later I was still hungry, but once again not hungry enough for a big huge thing, so I had the last slice of pizza in the freezer and a small green salad. 

I'm at the point where my freezer is jammed but I have very little in the way of fresh veggies, and my fruit supply is dwindling. I'm debating between ordering from Fresh Direct or one of the farm services (looking into Farm to People because it is somewhat customizable and will deliver less frequently than weekly) but, as I mentioned yesterday, grocery delivery comes at a premium, and perhaps it's time to head to Trader Joe's and/or the Greenmarket. For the rest of the week, however, I'm playing Iron Chef with what I have available. What will she cook on the first episode? Tune in tomorrow to find out!


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