COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 59 - Here Fishy, Fishy . . .
COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 62 & 63 - Calm Down and Eat

COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 60 & 61 - Race Against The Clock

When you live alone and get a delivery of amazing fresh seafood, you have to eat a lot of seafood. Quickly. For the past two days I've been working through the hamachi and salmon (more sushi! poke - but I forgot the scallions!) but wanted to make sure I didn't let any of the (non-freezable) leftovers of other things go to waste, not to mention keeping on top of fresh produce. Once again, this comes down to fridge/freezer management and regulating my shopping. This wasn't really a problem during the before times -- perhaps the need to stock up is a psychological response to the lockdown situation?

Anyway, in addition to improving my sushi rolling skills a bit, here are the food-related highlights of the last two days. First, I discovered, thanks to my local Nextdoor message board, a guy who was offering to deliver freshly baked organic baguettes to your doorstep. How could I say no? I got in touch and at 8:30 Wednesday morning I had two warm baguettes in my possession. I promptly ate 2/3 of the sea salt, onion & garlic one (more like light everything bagel seasoning). I highly recommend them, although I'm not sure of how far his delivery range is. Go to his Instagram and either DM or text him (the number is in one of the photos). Second, I made one of my favorite restaurant dishes with the mussels I got from Pierless Fish -- the mussels from Pearl Oyster Bar, which are made with a white wine, shallot, mustard, and cream sauce. I thought they were damn good and my friend Anthony, who was the former sous chef there, gave his seal of approval when I texted him a photo. The two were a perfect match -- how else would you sop up the delicious sauce!?

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