COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 56 - Old Favorites
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COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 57 & 58 - Managing the Freezer/Fridge

As I've mentioned, I'm really trying to take stock of what I have and what's missing before I go ahead any get any more food. Each day, I do a scan of what needs to be frozen/thawed/moved around/eaten quickly/consolidated, etc.  One thing I've been having some challenges with is milk. I put milk in my coffee but don't really use it for anything else. In the before times, I would buy a quart of organic milk and sometimes have to throw some of it out because I couldn't get through it before it went bad. When I ordered from Fresh Direct, I could only get half gallons, so I froze most of it in smaller containers so that I could take out pints when I needed them. I may just switch back to half and half because it doesn't go bad as quickly (calories be damned). Scanning the fridge, I made a scrambled egg and a hash made of  the last of the sweet potato fries cut up, onion, mushroom and scallions (scallions go on everything now, so I can keep up with them), and thew them in a tortilla with refried beans, cheese and salsa. For dinner I had chana masala and brown basmati rice leftovers

Sunday night I also took out some ground turkey with the intention of eating it on Monday, but then an hour later remembered I had a delivery from Pierless Fish (normally a restaurant supplier but now offering home delivery) so put it back in the freezer. I've been pretty excited to order from them -- their prices are great and based on their instagram, their fish looks fantastic. Alas, my delivery slated for Monday never arrived, so I had to find something different for dinner (supposedly my order will arrive Tuesday). Monday's breakfast was a slice of sourdough toast, lunch was leftover chicken shawarma with cucumber, tomato, and feta salad, and dinner was tonkotsu ramen (from the freezer) topped with a 7-minute egg, scallions, and furikake.

Back to the milk. I froze a pint of milk and used about a half gallon (from my newly delivered milk and the last of the milk from the past order) to make yogurt in my instant pot. It's really easy to do, I had just stupidly forgotten that it needs to incubate for 8 hours before going in the fridge to chill, so I had to set an alarm for 2 am in order to put it in the fridge. Sigh.

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