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COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 55 - Making Room

Yesterday was one of those days where I did a bit of taking stock -- does anything need to be eaten soon? How much room is in the freezer? What did I order already?  Let's start with the last question first. I have two food orders coming my way. First, a relatively small Fresh Direct order, with some dairy (milk, half & half, yogurt, feta), a bit of produce (tomatoes, mangoes, avocados, lettuce, shallots), some random pantry items (rice for risotto, cannellini beans, flour, crackers), and a box of rose (cheap and cheerful!).  Second, I placed an order from Pierless Fish, which ordinarily is a wholesaler for restaurants but is doing home delivery with a minimum order of $60. Their seafood prices are much better than Fresh Direct, and even with the $10 delivery fee on orders under $100, I think I made out pretty well. That's coming on Monday and includes a bunch of frozen items, a pound of mussels, and some sushi-grade fish. I have been craving sushi but haven't yet ordered it -- I somehow got the idea in my head that I was going to make it. I have had a rolling mat and rice paddle for years, but haven't made sushi in ages (I also have to find them). I placed another order that arrived yesterday from Sunrise Mart through Mercato and got my favorite fresh ramen -- the Tan Tan Spicy Ramen from Sun Noodle (my other major craving that I haven't yet satisfied), some sushi rice, mirin, and nori, so now I'm ready to rock when my fish arrives.

Knowing I have a bunch of things coming, I decided to make some room in the fridge and freezer. First, I took some chicken thighs out of the freezer to thaw for Saturday night, then for breakfast, I had a quesadilla with homemade refried beans (from Tuesday's nachos) and cheese topped with salsa. For lunch, I took the last of the lettuce and made a "kitchen sink salad," by taking a bit of this and that from what was lingering in the fridge: a slice of pepper jack, some pepperoni, chopped up sweet potato fries, some chickpeas, shaved carrot, fried shallots (I have a jar of these in the cabinet) and some pepitas.  For dinner I continued my quest to empty the freezer: I ate half of a Trader Joe's frozen chana masala with brown basmati rice, and a Trader Joe's malabari paratha. In the before times, I often kept a frozen TJ's Indian meal of some sort lying around. I'm a big fan of the lamb vindaloo with a handful of spinach. They're great for times when you have zero interest in cooking, although I like the garlic naan better than the paratha, if anyone's keeping score.

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