COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 51 - Pantry and Planning
COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 53 & 54 - Impulse Control or Lack Thereof

COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 52 - Trying to Tone it Down

20200505_203329As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered a LOT of food from Fresh Direct, including things I don't usually buy or keep in the house -- some healthier than others. For example, I don't ordinarily go through a lot of fruit, so when I shopped in the before times, I'd get some cut pineapple, maybe two bananas or two apples, a grapefruit, and potentially some clementines. This would last me for about two weeks. In my pandemic FD orders, I got a bag of clementines, strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, and apples, and I have to say, I've been eating a log more fruit. There is nothing as tasty as a perfectly ripe mango. I'll be getting those again for sure. I've also been getting things I don't normally keep in the house because I love them and will eat more than I should, namely chips (in this case Cheetos, tortilla chips "for Cinco de Mayo," and potato chips), and cheese. I also got some candy (Reese's peanut butter cups), which is something I just don't usually have on hand. I don't have a big sweet tooth, but one a day hits the spot. After this round, no more chips and candy. The cheese hasn't been a problem -- I'm eating normal portions of it, so that's good. 

I'm trying to get into the habit of scanning fridge daily and trying to determine what needs to be eaten first, so I can plan around that on Plan to Eat, and what needs to get frozen so it doesn't go bad.  Today I put half of my milk in the freezer because all I use it for is coffee and I can't get through it before it goes bad.  The freezer is your friend, but it's important to keep track of everything in there, lest it turns into a black hole. Gotta eat at least some of it before buying more! I label containers with masking tape/painters tape and a sharpie with the contents and date on each.

Going back to toning it down, there's one thing I'm trying to ramp back up -- my exercise routine. I have been using Aaptiv, an audio workout app that I have been using for quite some time, for most of my workouts, and managed to do ok when I was up in CT. It was waaaay too hilly to run, but I went on decent walks most days, and sometimes did strength training, yoga, or going up and down the stairs from the road to the lake. Since I got back home, I have gone running a few times (with a mask) but allergies are making that challenging right now, so I've primarily been doing bodyweight-only strength training, yoga, pilates, stretching, and meditation, and in the before times, I've done all of that plus spinning and strength training in the gym where I have access to dumbells and kettlebells. Who knows when I might have access to those again. I have also tried a few Zoom workouts, both through ClassPass and with Circuit of Change -- both were great. There are also tons of free workouts on Instagram -- haven't tried those yet. I just ordered some kettlebells because I feel like I need an extra boost -- stay tuned. 

Yesterdays meals (Cinco de Mayo themed): Breakfast taco (egg, hash brown, bacon, pepper jack, salsa, scallion, cilantro) for late breakfast/brunch,  Margaritas and nachos with homemade refried beans and leftover steak (pictured above) for dinner.

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