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COVID-19: A Food Diary, Day 2 - The Magic of a Well-Stocked Pantry and Freezer

COVID-19: A Food Diary

Hi all -- I know it has been forever and ever, but I figured with all the time I might as well do something productive on my dear old blog. Moxie and I are decamped in CT with a well-stocked larder, and we wanted to share everything we're eating while we're social distancing including recipes. The pantry and freezer are stocked to the brim, but we are being mindful of eating things that will go bad first, then attacking the rest. We got here Saturday and after a snack of cheese and crackers, we had some barbecued ribs (frozen with sauce; thawed and heated in the oven) and a salad for dinner.  Sunday brunch was bacon and a broccoli, mushroom and onion egg scramble, snack was hummus and pita chips, and dinner was a hangar steak, roasted potatoes and a salad. I made some chocolate chip brownies for dessert, which we served with ice cream.

Today is a normal work day, so we each did breakfast on our own (I had a toasted english muffin with butter and jam), and I am now making a pot of lentil soup -- some to eat sooner and some to freeze for later. Stay tuned for more and I'll start to take pictures as we go. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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