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20200323_135700As I have said, we have a well stocked larder and I feel incredibly fortunate. At this point, given the advance planning, shopping, ordering online, and restocking in the city, I'm convinced we could stay put for a while. At home, there are certain things I don't keep in the house on the regular, particularly since I've launched InSpirer Consulting and I'm often (and since January exclusively) working from home. I love to graze and snack, and when temptations abound, it's hard for me, particularly when I'm not exercising as much as I usually do. In my current situation, there are so many temptations. So. Many. Cheese, potato chips, ingredients to make onion dip, trail mix, salami, popcorn, candy. The good news is that there are just as many healthy options, but man, it's tough to pass up those potato chips, especially when the days seem twice as long as "normal" days.

20200323_171302Yesterday, I give myself about a B on the restraint front. I had some yogurt and granola for breakfast and went for a walk in the snow afterwards, followed by some ab work and stretching. Lunch was pure comfort on a snowy, dreary day -- tomato soup and grilled cheese with ham. I did NOT open up any chips to go with it. Gold star. At about 5:45 I made myself a snack plate, but a tightly rationed one, because that's where I can go terribly wrong. Pre-dinner snacks that are sufficient to serve as dinner, followed by, well, real dinner. Real dinner was also on the lighter side -- roasted salmon and broccoli rabe, served with a mixed green salad. No recipes today - the soup was boxed and the salmon/broccoli rabe were just seasoned and roasted. I will admit to some sour gummy candies for dessert, however. . . 

Overall, I am trying to be kind to myself -- these are weird and stressful times, and I know I have a habit of turning to food for comfort. I also know that I'm uncomfortable when I overeat and underexercise, so I'm trying to figure it out given my current circumstances.

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