COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 6 -- Craving Comfort
COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 7 - Sunday?

COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 7 - Replenishing

RibeyeToday everyone slept in and after my first really sweaty workout of the week, had scrambled eggs and english muffins for breakfast. After realizing that our initial week away from NYC was going to be a much longer stay, we decided to drive back to the city to pick up food/supplies/clothes, etc. from our respective apartments. Among the things I brought back were some of the spices I had been craving -- GARLIC! Woo hoo! Cumin, curry, garam masala, and ginger. Also brought back some of the food I had stocked up on -- some frozen food from Butcher Box, including salmon, scallops and pork chops, more coffee, a bottle of rye, sweet and dry vermouth, and some perishables (eggs, cheese, clementines). I also picked up food and meds for Moxie and some additional clothes and toiletries. It was nice to spend even a little time in my apartment, and I cooked up a few Trader Joe's chicken gyoza as a snack while I was there. We had some cheese, crackers, and sopressata when we returned (accompanied, for me, by a 50/50 martini on the rocks with grapefruit bitters, and then N cooked up a rib eye that was among things he picked up from his favorite butcher in Brooklyn while they were there. He served it with a side of garlicky green beans and a green salad. Brownie for dessert.

I'm hoping to cook up something Indian this week and looking forward to having some seafood along the way. When I was home briefly, I looked at Caviar to check on the delivery services and noticed that Nami Nori now delivers. I can tell I'm going to be seriously craving sushi when this is all over . . .

I also made sure to pick up one "real" pair of pants since everything else I have here has an elastic waist. I'm happy to report they still fit. Perhaps a tad snug, but they still fit. I'm even sore from yesterday's workout. 30 minute walk and some stretching today, back at it tomorrow.

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