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COVID-19: A Food Diary Day 12 -- Friday Night Festivities

Steak dinner
I'm sure that many people feel like the days are sort of blurring together -- I know I do. I've been losing track of the days of the week, but we noted Thursday as we took stuff out to thaw for dinner that we should do something "special" for Friday and one of the other weekend nights, so we took some steaks for Friday and a whole chicken for one of the other nights (depending on how long it takes to thaw) out of the freezer. A roast chicken sounds particularly cozy and comforting to me right now, so I'm really looking forward to it, whenever we get to it.

Breakfast was some yogurt, granola, strawberries and honey with a small slice of banana bread and lunch was tomato soup and grilled cheese (again, but this time with the addition of some Stonewall Kitchen onion and garlic jam. It was gorgeous in the afternoon, so after lunch I took Mox for a walk and then we relocated to the deck, where we basked in the sunshine -- after Thursday's run I decided to take a day off and just do a meditation, and then I spent some time playing/practicing the ukulele. R&N finished working a bit earlier, so we had a lovely cocktail hour on the deck with some chips and one of my favorite salsas (from Jalapa Jar) -- I had a 50/50 martini (half gin/half dry vermouth) on the rocks with orange bitters.

After a Zoom session with "the beach house girls," we ate our festive Friday night steak dinner -- steak on the grill with sides of thick sliced tomatoes drizzled with a balsamic glaze and a some creamed spinach, made with one of the packages of frozen spinach from our stash (note, we were out of half and half, so just used melted butter and milk -- guestimated the proportions. Once again, I forgot to take a picture until we were most of the way done.  My old food blogger self would be ashamed!

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