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Yesterday was somewhat dreary, so I was feeling sort of dreary. Each morning I've been listening to Cuomo's update, which is somehow scary and calming at the same time. Breakfast was a slice of banana bread and coffee. R&N get up much earlier than I do, and R makes a pot of coffee every day. It is SO NICE to have someone make coffee and to wake up to the smell of coffee in the morning. I own a coffee maker with a timer, but it has a glass carafe, and I don't like the taste of coffee sitting on a hotplate for a while (I don't drink my coffee first thing). I stopped using it, but I might look into retrofitting it with a vacuum carafe for the future.

At some point during the day I took a walk (before lunch? after lunch? why do I have no idea?) and had tomato soup for lunch with some chips and onion dip. Did I mention how much I love onion dip? I will likely be eating some every day until it's gone.  For cocktail hour I had some salami and cheese with an aperol spritz, and for dinner we decided to keep it simple: pasta with pesto (premade) and a green salad. 

And yes, I forgot to take pictures. Will do better tomorrow.

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