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The Mind/Body Connection

I have gotten to a point in my life where there are two key factors that have a major impact on my general well-being: sleep and exercise. When I don't get enough of either, I get cranky, stressed, have trouble focusing, and generally get less accomplished. For me, "enough" sleep seems to be at least 7 hours per night and "enough" exercise means not going any more than 3 days without a decent workout. Sleep and exercise can cure almost anything for me - I think more clearly and stressful things fall into perspective - and as an added benefit, exercise helps me sleep better and sleep improves my workouts (even making it somewhat likely that I can work out before work!). All in all, sleep and exercise keep me calm and sane in many ways. I highly recommend it.

Notes on a Renovation #2

Way back when I wrote a post about my kitchen renovation. No, it hasn't started yet, but I have made a great deal of progress. I've firmed up my design, selected all of my materials and appliances, signed contracts with the designer, cabinet/counter installer, and contractor, and sent various checks out.  I've also started to select a new couch and chair for my living room (the living room update is a collateral consequence of the kitchen renovation, plus my couch has about had it). Work starts mid-to-late April, and, in theory, everything will be done by mid-May. I can't wait!!!

My New Boyfriend


He's smart, handsome and age-appropriate. He's a feminist, he's pro-choice, and supports gender equality in the workplace and with equal parental leave. He's got the body of a boxer and has a tattoo. on one of his biceps.  He is welcoming to refugees and is an animal lover.  Isn't he fantastic? 

Ok, where was I? Back to reality.