Time Flies
Shock and Awwww

Autumnal Musings

  • I will never have an electric stove if I can help it. They are miserable to cook on.
  • I love taking out e-books from the library, except that this time, I was 98% of the way through the book when it expired. Now I'm back on the waiting list to read the remaining 2%.
  • Make this. It's easy and it looks impressive. You will thank me later.
  • I have somehow lost two pieces of clothing. In my apartment. This is terrifying. Maybe it's a subtle reminder from the universe that I need to once again clean out my closet -- like for real take every last thing out until I can see the floor and the walls, vacuum, and replace things one by one. I'm sure they're in there somewhere.
  • Although I don't necessarily jump on board the pumpkin spiced everything train, it smells good in the office when someone heats a pumpkin spiked something (bagel?) in the toaster (even though I'd never eat one myself).
  • Did you know you that, at least in NYC, you can send your sweaters off to the drycleaners for the summer and only get charged for the cleaning and not the storage? Downside -- it takes approximately two weeks to get them back. I mis-calculated and had no cozy sweaters for OJ this year (19th annual, for anyone keeping track).
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