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Respect Yourself

IMAG0316I did my first triathlon in 2007 -- a sprint distance tri in West Point.  Since then, I have completed one triathlon per year (with the exception of 2013): the NYC Triathlon, which is an Olympic distance --  twice as long as a sprint.  I completed my 8th triathlon this weekend in Jersey City. I had the option of either a sprint or Olympic distance, and I agonized a bit about which to do, ultimately settling on the sprint. I hadn't been training super-hard and really didn't feel like I had it in me to do the Olympic. Moral of the story? I'm glad I listened to my body. It was just the right level of challenge for the time I had to train, and I felt good at the end.

Comparing the two sprints is pretty interesting and shows that I'm generally pretty consistent. Reading my post from the West Point Tri, there was consensus that the swim was short. My time this year is about what I expected based on swimming 1/2 mile in a pool. The long T1 for this year's tri was due to a 1/4 mile barefoot run back to transition, which makes sense. The bike and the run are pretty similar -- not bad for a span of 8 years!  

2015  Swim 21:25  T1  7:29  Bike 55:04  T2  2:10  Run 33:57  TOTAL 2:00:07

2007 Swim 11:59  T1  4:14   Bike 53:16  T2: 2:42  Run 30:42 TOTAL 1:42:52

Tri, Tri Again

This year has been a bit of a break for me on the triathlon front. I went to a wedding in California the weekend of the NY Triathlon so had to defer (see you in the Hudson in 2016!), but knew that I'd do another triathlon on another weekend instead. Here's the thing -- triathlons, especially non-local ones, can be quite expensive. I originally signed up for the Orange County Triathlon, but didn't feel quite ready and got suddenly overwhelmed by the logistical aspects (transportation, lodging, blah, blah), so deferred (guess I'll see the Hudson twice next year!). Instead, I'm doing the Jersey City Triathlon on Sunday. Aside from the slight annoyance of taking the PATH at 5 am with my bike and all my gear (I think I'll take the ferry home), it should be fairly simple. It's also a sprint -- half the distance of the NYC Tri -- so despite not being in tip-top shape, I'll be okay with the training I've done. 

If you are in Jersey City and feel like coming out to cheer me on -- please do! 2016 training starts next week. . .