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My Everything

Everything bagel

I, like many, have strong feelings about everything bagels.  I had one yesterday from Absolute Bagels that, in my opinion, was the perfect specimen. Given the many everything bagels I've had over the years, I've noticed a few things -- first, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic seem to be non-negotiable. The two elements that tend to vary are salt and caraway seeds. For me, the salt should be there and makes for a superior bagel. The caraway, however, has no place whatsoever -- it takes over and ruins the whole thing.


I've been playing in a shuffleboard league at Royal Palms the past few months (in Gowanus -- yes, I'm a hipster). It has been quite fun, and we did okay -- we won some and we lost some. I've met new people and re-connected with others I know who happened to be in the league, and all and all I've enjoyed it. Last night, as I was playing, I noticed that one of the guys on the other team would always make a comment when he missed a shot, and that more often than not, it involved calling the biscuit (the puck-like thing) a name -- a misogynistic name, like "bitch" and "whore."  "Travel, you whore!" The guy seemed fairly nice and friendly otherwise. At the end of the match, as we were all shaking hands, I said to him, "hey, you might want to tone down the misogynistic comments when you miss a shot." He was honestly apologetic. "You're right -- I didn't realize I was even doing that. What if my little sister was here?! Thanks."

Spreading awareness, one dude at a time.

Travel Woes

(a.k.a. First World Problems). I'm heading to SF/Napa/Sonoma in a few hours and was all excited that I had purchased an upgrade with my miles. I woke up to an email that my flight was cancelled. I'm now on a later flight, in the second to last row. Sigh.  I really can't complain -- at least I can get out today, my miles (and the fee) will be refunded (assuming I don't get upgraded at the airport) and I got a travel voucher as an apology for the cancelled flight. SF friends (and many others) -- see you soon!