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Notes on a Renovation #1

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I am working (very) slowly on renovating my kitchen. As I begin this process, I am gathering a ton of information, clipping articles and pictures for inspiration, trying to save money, interviewing contractors, meeting with architect friends, and talking to others who have gone through the process. So far, I pretty much feel like scrapping the whole thing. I'm dealing with layers upon layers of the nonsense that is renovating in New York City (co-op board, department of buildings, the fact that I'm in a landmarked building, etc.), and I've realized that before I can get to the "fun" part of picking out (and buying) appliances, cabinets, and floor tiles and before I've paid my yet-to-be selected contractor a dime, I've probably used up well over half of what I expected my budget to be. 

Today I saw this article on Apartment Therapy which featured a galley kitchen that she ultimately opened up into her living room (which is something I hope to do in some fashion). She calls her kitchen, pictured above "outdated."  Girl, you want to see outdated?! Try mine (pictured below). I'd trade my kitchen for your "before" picture any day.


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