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This Girl Can

I'm in love with this video created by Sport England. Why? Because I am an athlete even though I don't look like a fitness model and never will.  Because although I've completed seven triathlons, I sometimes feel out of shape. Because every workout is a challenge, even if they become a bit easier every summer and harder every winter. Because I feel like a rock star at the end of every workout. Because no matter how much I exercise, I'll likely always carry around 10 lbs I'd rather not have (but it doesn't stop me from getting on that spin bike). Because I earn each drop of sweat. #thisgirlcan

My Poor Girl

Little Miss Mox has had a rough few weeks. I discovered that her dog walker had been skipping days he was scheduled to walk her - two days this week and two last week (at the very least). While I'm searching for a new dog walker, she's had to go to daycare three days this week (she normally only goes one). Although she seemed happy about it the second day, she wasn't thrilled about it this morning. To top it off, she barfed last night out of the blue. She's going to get extra love (and a chicken/rice diet) this weekend...


The Halls of Justice

Sorry for the crickets around here, folks. Back to business. So I had to go down to the New York Supreme Court the other day to renew my notary license. I'm always slightly geeked out when I go to court -- any court -- but there's something so visually majestic about the court buildings downtown. Maybe it's just the lawyer in me talking -- who knows. As I walked around the building trying to find the notary office, I was immediately taken back to my one and only court appearance as a litigator. I was filling in for a colleague on a pro bono case for a minor court appearance. He told me what I needed to tell the judge -- very quick, very simple. When our case was called, the judge immediately called counsel into chambers and expressed her frustration at seeing our clients before her yet again. She demanded that we have a full custody hearing that afternoon. I nearly passed out. Once I regained my composure, I respectfully explained that I was filling in for a colleague and that it would be in our client's best interest to have some time to prepare for a custody hearing. "Fine," she barked. "Monday." I returned Monday morning with my colleague for a full-blown custody hearing for which we had prepared all weekend. Trial by fire, indeed.

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