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Yesterday was my birthday, and per usual, I celebrated with some of the special people in my life. One of the most amazing things (other than the fact that they tolerated the fact that I was constantly blowing my nose all night) is that most of these people I've known for about ten years and some for closer to twenty. Having them in my life is the best gift of all and makes getting older much more tolerable. Much love to all of you and the rest of you in my life!

My Happy Place

PhotoGrid_1419355827659I've spent this morning and part of yesterday cooking homemade gifts for my family -- granola, butter crunch toffee, and bacon jam -- with nothing much else on the agenda. I've got the Pandora "Indie Christmas" station on in the background to get into the holiday spirit (#badjew) -- in fact, they're currently playing one of my all-time favorite holiday songs.  For me, listening to music and cooking the day away is super-relaxing and one of the reasons I love any opportunity to cook for friends and family.  Hopefully I'll be doing a lot more cooking/entertaining in 2015 -- as part of my savings plan to renovate my kitchen and then to celebrate having a kitchen that's much more conducive to cooking/entertaining! The plan is to break through the wall in between the kitchen and main living space so that people don't huddle awkwardly around the kitchen door while I cook and so that I can still feel like part of the action even if I'm in the kitchen.  CAN'T WAIT.

Wig in a Box

Last night I saw Michael C. Hall in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. It's my second time seeing it on Broadway -- the first was with Neil Patrick Harris. I also saw it way back when it was off-Broadway, but after a quick look at Wikipedia, I likely saw it with John Cameron Mitchell, who originated the role, but there's a *slight* chance I saw it with Michael Cerveris. I may have to do some research. I remember going to see the movie when it came out in 2001 and I bought it shortly thereafter. I've got the soundtrack. I guess you can say I'm a little obsessed. I'm going to see it again in February when John Cameron Mitchell reprises his role on Broadway.

If you haven't seen it yet -- GO. In the meantime, enjoy this as a little preview. You can thank me later: 

Out With the Old

I'm in a massive purging mode in my apartment these days, with bags getting filled up with clothes for Goodwill and textile recycling, another bag for electronics recycling, and piles of paper to be shredded. I'm trying to get to a point where everything in my apartment is something I truly need and has a home. Along those lines, I recently bought a cabinet on Craigslist to store some of the ridiculous amount of booze I have accumulated over the years. After purging quite a bit, I now have a home for it all, and for the first time in years, I don't have any bottles on the floor. Hooray! Next project, the home office.


Rainy Day Musings

  • I saw at least three women with bare legs on my way to work this morning, including one wearing sandals. Are they unaware of the weather today?
  • My apartment is now a sauna but my office is a refrigerator. Countdown to getting sick due to extreme temperature fluctuations in 3, 2, 1 . . .
  • Obama killed it on the Colbert Report last night.
  • It feels like any progress the US has made in terms of racism, sexism, and reproductive freedom during my lifetime has, at best, stalled and often seems to be going completely backwards.
  • The trick on a day like this is to find an outfit that, despite looking professional, feels almost as comfortable as pajamas. #nailedit.