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Go Jumbos!

Last night, I went to my first official Tufts alumni event in years -- a whisky tasting sponsored by the Tufts Lawyers Network. I'm very glad I went -- made a bunch of good work connections and enjoyed the line of Johnny Walker whiskys -- but I was asked a few times about whether I had attended any other Tufts alumni events. I honestly can't remember if I went to any of my official class reunions. I do remember one event in NYC with Sol Gittleman at the Tenement Museum, but otherwise, I haven't been to anything formal.

That said, this year was the 18th OJ -- our annual fall October soJourn with Tufts friends from various a cappella groups (this year, with kids! OJ NextGen). I can't say that I've been to all of them, but definitely the majority.  And this May, we'll be having the Amalgamates' 30th Anniversary -- I've been to every 5-year anniversary we've had. Pretty amazing. So all in all, my Tufts blood runs deep, although it may not be in the traditional alumni ways. Works for me!

Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for the radio silence, kids. I have been a little busier than I'd prefer and when I have had down time, I have had zero interest in being in front of a computer. I am currently on an Amtrak en route to DC for a conference law school public interest/pro bono people and am headed off to the woods with college friends upon my return to NYC.

In my absence, please allow yourself to be entertained by this video of Supreme Court arguments being acted out by animals.

In the News

These recent items from my news feeds caught my eye:

Down with Brunch! -- Apparently going to brunch makes you an irresponsible, childless, indulgent consumer who illustrates what's wrong with New York. Personally, I tend to go for the bacon, but then again, I prefer brunch at home (ideally in PJ's) to brunch out. 

How to Stock Your Pantry -- In the *duh* department (at least from my perspective, although I get that not everyone else has food hoarding tendencies). Otherwise known as "why I can eat for a month if I'm locked in my apartment and can't order from Seamless." See also: this

Kids Eating Fancy-Pants Food -- If you haven't seen this yet, go for it. It'll make you smile. 

Subway Serenade

As I walked down into the subway at 116th Street last night, I heard the strains of someone singing and playing the guitar. The song sounded familiar -- "I Know There's Something Going On," which I actually own on 45 (yes, kids, vinyl) -- but he was playing a slower, more soulful version. The song has been in my head ever since. 

Lawyerly Fail

I'm sitting at the Wine Cellar last night after a meeting and I notice that the gentleman next to me has a tattoo wrapping around his right forearm. I couldn't see the whole thing, but was able to clearly make out the word "inalienable.*" So I say, "I see you have a bit of the Constitution on your arm." He replied, "actually, it's the Declaration of Independence." 

Worst. Lawyer. Ever. 

* now, of course, I am questioning whether it said "inalienable" or "unalienable," but apparently this is questioned often.