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Go Jumbos!

Last night, I went to my first official Tufts alumni event in years -- a whisky tasting sponsored by the Tufts Lawyers Network. I'm very glad I went -- made a bunch of good work connections and enjoyed the line of Johnny Walker whiskys -- but I was asked a few times about whether I had attended any other Tufts alumni events. I honestly can't remember if I went to any of my official class reunions. I do remember one event in NYC with Sol Gittleman at the Tenement Museum, but otherwise, I haven't been to anything formal.

That said, this year was the 18th OJ -- our annual fall October soJourn with Tufts friends from various a cappella groups (this year, with kids! OJ NextGen). I can't say that I've been to all of them, but definitely the majority.  And this May, we'll be having the Amalgamates' 30th Anniversary -- I've been to every 5-year anniversary we've had. Pretty amazing. So all in all, my Tufts blood runs deep, although it may not be in the traditional alumni ways. Works for me!

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