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While I was in Maine last week, for a decent portion of the trip I was in a cabin on a lake in Casco, Maine. This was incredibly relaxing on many fronts, not the least of which was the spotty cell service and lack of wifi. Sometimes I don't realize how much time I spend either in front of a computer or checking my phone, futzing around on social media or texting with people. It was truly a pleasure to unplug and walk away from the electronic tether. Don't get me wrong -- I still looked at my phone  and walked over to our neighboring cabin for a dose of wifi every now and again, but nowhere near as much as I do in my day-to-day life in NYC. I'm going to try to maintain more unplugged time when I'm not on vacation -- I've started with keeping my phone and tablet in the other room when I go to bed -- and hope to carve out more unplugged time in addition. So don't take it personally if I don't respond right away . . .

NYC Tri #6: There Will Be Blood

TricrashI'm back from the wilds of Maine, feeling well rested but not quite ready to return to reality. Before I do, I wanted to give a quick recap of last week's triathlon. My time was in the same ballpark as past years, which is not surprising. The part that *is* surprising is that my time was similar (and even faster than 2011) despite the fact that I'm two years older then the last time I did this and despite the fact that I crashed about two thirds of the way through the bike leg, getting thrown off my bike (which suffered some bent handlebars), that I probably lost at least 10 minutes pulling myself together at the crash site and trying to clean up my bloody elbow with the help of two fellow triathletes (note to riders -- it's always good to have first aid stuff in your bike bag), and that I lost about 5 more minutes stopping at the medical tent between the bike and the run. I had personal records on both my swim and my run and was still 4 minutes faster than my slowest tri. Many thanks to the triathletes who helped patch me up and to the guy (Keith? Kevin?) who ran with me/kept me entertained during the majority of the run course. Also thanks to my Mom and Stephen for cheering me on along the way and walking me back (as I hobbled) to transition after the race. Along with my medal this year, I've got some gnarly bruises all over my left thigh and hip, a tetatus shot, and a likely scar on my elbow as additional souvenirs of the race. See you next year!!

2014: Swim 18:06 T1 11:10 Bike 1:58:23 T2 4:37 Run 1:07:17 Total: 3:39:31

2012: Swim 23:28 T1 9:55 Bike 1:44:50 T2 5:02 Run 1:11:05 Total: 3:34:16

2011: Swim 22:19 T1 12:27 Bike 1:51:54 T2 4:58 Run 1:11:40 Total: 3:43:17

2010: Swim 20:54 T1 11:39 Bike 1:42:43 T2 6:26 Run 1:08:01 Total: 3:29:41

2009: Swim 24:30 T1 10:17 Bike 1:40:57 T2 4:01 Run 1:07:22 Total: 3:27:06

2008: Swim 24:30 T1 10:55 Bike 1:36:47 T2 4:00 Run 1:08:40 Total: 3:24:51