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Triathlon Trifecta

Mind Games

A week from today, I will have completed my 6th New York City Triathlon, if all goes according to plan. This week, I'll only be doing some light exercise, but I've been training consistently for several months (if you want to see what I've been doing, click here), and feel absolutely ready to go. That said, I haven't trained as hard as I have in past years -- I had injuries, I'm a few years older, and all that good stuff -- but I have trained at a level where I know that can complete the race. So much of the training, as well as the race itself, is mental, not physical. When I do training runs in Central Park, I run clockwise while most runners run counterclockwise -- the tri course is clockwise, so I know exactly what's coming up, what hills I have left, and what landmarks mean for distance left on the route. I generally swim around 30 minutes for training, which is less than the mile I'll need for the race, because the swim has never taken me more than 25 minutes or so. That said, I don't feel ready until I've done a mile in the pool, which takes 40-45 minutes (I did it yesterday). Similarly, I don't feel ready until I've run over 5 miles a few times (done), biked over 20 miles a few times (done), and thrown in a few brick (bike/run) workouts for good measure (I only managed to fit in one this year, alas). 

The other thing that's been fun this year is bike commuting along the Hudson, right where I'll be swimming, and past what will be my transition area on Sunday. I can visualize so much of the race -- having done it five times already helps -- which calmes my nerves. NYC Tri -- I'm ready to take you on!!

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