My First Bike Commute!

Clear to Neutral

I stumbled across this amazing list of "time, energy, and attention hacks" the other day. It's chock full of information and links to articles about ways to be more productive. One tip that spoke to me was the concept of "clear to neutral." The idea is that by removing resistance that enables you to procrastinate, you are more likely to take action. A prime example is making sure that after you cook, you clean the kitchen so that the next time you walk in, you aren't blocked by a pile of dirty dishes. I realize that I'm much better about doing this outside of my regular routine -- when I'm out on Fire Island, or on vacation -- than I am when I'm trying to cram things into my daily life. Tonight after I cooked and ate, I cleaned up. It always takes much less time in reality than it does in my head, and I'm much happier with a clean kitchen, whether I cook tomorrow or not.

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