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Gearing Up


Getting my gear together (and getting my ass in gear) for a cycling trip through the Loire Valley -- I leave on Friday! Chateaux galore, wine, exercise, and gorgeous countryside, here I come. I'm a little sad, as the company I'm going with -- Blue Marble -- is winding down after this season. I've traveled with them through Galicia, Bordeaux, Provence and Tuscany -- all truly magnificent trips. Thank you, Blue Marble!!

Pacific Northwest Recap

I still feel like I'm recovering from Portland and Seattle -- a week full of work inspiration, friends, laughs, and wonderful food and drink. Many thanks to those I got to see, especially to those who treated me to food, drinks (and lodging) during my journey! xoxo

Way Out West

My apologies for the radio silence. I have been crazy-busy preparing for, traveling to, and participating in the Equal Justice Conference in Portland, Oregon. While I've been here, I have also been trying to spend time with my cocktail and non-conference friends as well -- always a juggling act, but always worth it. I'm headed to Seattle tonight for more friends, food and drink before heading back to NYC on Sunday. Recap to follow.