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After a super-busy week last week (Passover, work event, reunion with high school friends, Easter with family), I'm doing my best to lay low this week. In addition, a few weeks ago, I ran on the indoor (banked) track at Columbia and my right hip has been wonky ever since. I'm trying to balance letting it rest with getting back into training mode,  so there has been less running than I'd like, a great deal of stretching, a bunch of whining, and a doctor's appointment this coming Friday.  Fingers crossed that some stretching and physical therapy will do the trick, as I've got the NYC Triathon on August 3rd and a cycling trip in the Loire Valley at the end of May. . .

Today's PSA -- Get Some Style with Stitch Fix

If you're like me and hate shopping (and feel somewhat un-stylish), you may want to check out Stitch Fix. It's a service that, for a $20 charge, picks out clothing and accessories for you based on an extensive survey. They send you a box with style cards suggesting different options for wearing each item, and once you've tried everything on, you pay for what you want to keep -- the $20 you paid gets credited towards the total -- and send back what you don't in a pre-paid envelope. You then complete a detailed survey on why you liked/didn't like each item so that your same stylist can send you items more aligned with your taste. 


Generally, I liked most of the items they sent, but the fit was a bit off on the two dresses I liked most. They sent me a gorgeous silver lariat necklace which I definitely would have kept had I not owned a very similar necklace already. So this time around, I didn't keep anything except the style cards (for inspiration), but I've already scheduled another box for May. I'm hoping that with the feedback I provided, the next box will be more fruitful. Well worth the $20, in my opinion! If you want to try it, use my reference code. NOTE: I'm not being compensated for this in any way, I just really liked the service!