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A Case of the Mondays

Not only did I start my morning at the dentist (not particularly fun), but then I got to work and realized that I had left my travel mug full of coffee at the dentist. Grrrrr . . .

At least during my cleaning they were playing the classic rock station -- nothing like getting your teeth and gums scraped to Sweet Child o' Mine and Another One Bites the Dust . . .

Booze You Can Use: Have a Club Soda with Bitters

So after a lovely weekend visiting my family in Maine I was felled by some sort of stomach bug. While recovering, I'm obviously not having a cocktail tonight. On those nights when you might not necessarily feel like drinking something boozy -- for whatever reason -- a club soda with bitters usually hits the spot. Angostura is the most widely available, of course, but if your bartender (or home bar) carries something more fancypants that is to your liking -- go for it.