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Le Grand Purge

Earlier this summer I had grand plans to get rid of all kinds of stuff in my apartment. I've lived here for over a decade, and when you don't have the impetus of a move, it's a bit of a challenge to go through your belongings with a critical eye and get rid of the things that you don't need or use. I'm in the process of some big changes and so, although I'm a bit behind schedule, I've set aside some time to start purging. I've set aside a particular section of the apartment for each day (living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) and have started to get to work. For example, in my bathroom, not only did I go through my cabinets and throw out a ton of stuff, but I cleaned the inside of my medicine cabinet, light fixtures, and every nook and cranny I could reach. In my bedroom I went through the storage bins under my bed, set aside clothes for donation, and cleaned out my jewelry box in addition to basic dusting, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping. Today I've tackled stacks of magazines and paper in the living room and am moving on to my office. The goal is to make room for new energy -- not new stuff -- and get rid of old, dead weight. Wish me luck.

CSA Cooking

Just a partial list of what I've been making with my CSA bounty lately:

  • watermelon feta salad
  • green salads with carrots and beets
  • cod with zucchini and basil
  • Punjabi eggplant, potatoes & chickpeas
  • zucchini bread
  • baba ganoush
  • feta & pecorino salad
  • fritattas
Who wants to come over for dinner?

Transportation Aggravation

Overall, I have been truly enjoying my Citibike membership. It's perfect for a trip across town, especially if it's not too hot out -- if it's really hot and you need to be somewhere where you need to look your best (like a first date or something), it's sometimes better to walk to avoid showing up looking like a huge sweatball. Which brings me to last night. With about 15 minutes to make it to the West Village and a cool evening breeze blowing, Citibike would seem to be an ideal transportation mode. It was -- it got me to Perry and Bleecker in good time with barely a schvitz. This would've been great except for the tiny fact that the rack at that spot was completely full. I then biked over to Christopher and Hudson -- full. At that point, I had to pull out my phone and find another kiosk -- Bank and Hudson. I biked up to it, down the (stupidly uncomfortable) cobblestone street to find one free slot at the kiosk. Hooray! I was still in the safe 5-10 minute late range, and a tad schvitzier than I would like, but good to go. Until the bike wouldn't dock properly. The green light wouldn't go on, no matter what I tried. I was not about to keep biking farther from my destination at that point, so I called Citibike customer service. After a bit of time on hold, the rep took all of my information (key number, rack location, bike number) and she let me leave it where it was.  I strode in to the restaurant about 15 - 20 minutes late, sweaty, and pissed off. At the very least, I had a good icebreaker story to start off the evening.