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Flashback Friday: Leave It

Welcome to 1983. This has been stuck in my head for the past 24 hours. Side note: when I owned this on 45, the B-side was the a cappella version. It was most likely my first exposure to a cappella. #foreshadowing

Rant of the Day: Be a Moron All You Like, But Don't Put Me in Danger

Yesterday, while biking along the 10th Street bike path between University and 2nd Avenue, I saw two people biking against traffic and one person blow through a red light as a pack of pedestrians started to cross in front of us. Earlier that day, crossing 5th Avenue as a pedestrian, I nearly got hit by a cyclist who didn't stop for his red light. After sunset, I saw a guy cycling the wrong way down a bike path, no helmet, no reflective gear or lights, with headphones in both ears. All of this stupidity and lack of concern for fellow New Yorkers is fairly typical, unfortunately. That said, I also saw some moron drive IN HIS CAR the wrong way down 5th Avenue -- while I and other pedestrians yelled at him -- in order to make a U-Turn. As we all yelled "wrong way!" all he had to say was "I know." Seriously?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!?!?

Booze You Can Use: Have a Cocktail at the 8th St. Winecellar

Most of you probably already know about my love affair with the 8th Street Winecellar. I know -- I'm somewhat biased as it's around the corner from my apartment -- but even beyond the uber-convenient location, it's' a warm, comfortable place with attentive, friendly staff, and good food and drink. I'd recommend it to anyone. Winecellar is somewhat of a misnomer, as they offer much more than wine. They have a selection of bottled craft beers, an extensive spirits selection (ask to see their Brown Book -- mostly whisk(e)ys), and are happy to make cocktails if asked. The one thing they haven't offered for the past six years is a cocktail list. Now that has changed. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: the 8th Street Winecellar original cocktail list. I've been a big fan of the Toasty Bunz for years -- I can't wait to try the rest!

Heat Wave

Not looking forward to this week's heat wave here in NYC, but at least I have killer a/c and enough food I can cook without heating up the kitchen too much. Stay cool, everyone, and don't forget to hydrate (especially my friends who are in NOLA for Tales this week - someone please go to Willie Mae's & Cochon on my behalf!)

Beach Brain

Sorry for the radio silence -- @MoxieMutt and I spent a week on Fire Island and, although I got back on Friday, I think we're both still recovering. The big news is that my Citibike key was waiting in my mailbox when I got home -- have already been riding around town quite a bit. In other news, I just spent a wad of money at Trader Joe's, so between that and my CSA produce, there's going to be quite a bit of cooking going on at Chez Laren (tonight it's BBQ pulled chicken and cole slaw, and will be doing this slow cooker chicken later this week). Finally, with a heavy heart and a great deal of beating myself up, I've decided to defer my entry to this year's NYC Triathlon. I'm simply not ready, and given the heat, I'd rather not put myself through it when I'm not feeling up to snuff. I've got a guaranteed entry for 2014, so training starts now. Maybe I can find a sprint triathlon in the next month or two to do instead.