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Pro Bono Pride

Proud of Debevoise's pro bono showing on this year's American Lawyer A-List (based on 2012 hours) and for the #1 pro bono score on the 10-year A-List (7.5 years of which were under my watch). Thanks to all of my former colleagues for doing pro bono work on behalf of those who need it most. Read more about it here.


I've re-joined the Washington Square CSA this year (along with @daisy17); each week for 20-22 weeks we pick up a batch of vegetables that have been brought down from Norwich Meadows Farm. We've prepaid for the season, and each week's haul is determined by what's ready at the farm. It's week #2 and so far we've gotten lettuce, bok choi, kale, chard, garlic, spring onions, garlic scapes, radishes, zucchini, fennel and kohlrabi. One of the challenges of the CSA is to cook enough to utilize all of the produce before the next week, and the other is figuring out what to do with unfamiliar veggies. Until this week, I had never prepared kohlrabi. Taking a cue from this recipe, I ended up making quinoa with diced kohlrabi, zucchini, mint and a curry vinaigrette. Last night I tossed it with some shredded kale, and although it could've used some feta cheese (which I didn't have), it was pretty good. I've also learned that it's a good idea to wash, trim, and even cook greens within a day of getting them -- it makes it easier to toss a handful into eggs, pasta, salads, or whatever. My half of the CSA share averages out to approximately $7-8 per week for copious amounts of produce -- not a bad deal, in my opinion.

Highbrow Culture

Many thanks to Rachel for taking me to see the New York Philharmonic last night. I am pleased to report that when the Wagner piece started, I thought to myself -- oh, I know this song. It's "Killed the Wabbit." That's me. Little Miss Cultured.


I have been slacking on blog updates. Mea culpa. Here's a bit of a recap since my last post. I spent a few days in Sagaponack, NY celebrating a dear friend's 30th birthday, complete with a multi-course Spanish feast (including the deliciousness pictured above), had a lovely dinner at Chez Sardine as a thank-you for dogsitting a few weeks ago, ran 5.5 miles (along with a few shorter runs), biked about 20 miles, attended a rooftop barbecue complete with slow-smoked brisket tacos, peach bourbon punch, and pulled pork sliders, had delicious dim sum at Dim Sum Go Go, had some discussions about what might count for the new 50-hour pro bono requirement for bar admission to New York State, watched friends in Hey Bartender, tried out a new sushi joint, and caught up with good friends. All in all, a good week!