Of Two Minds
Booze You Can Use: Have Some Whisk(e)y


My building is under construction and will be that way through November 2013, if all goes according to schedule. My apartment windows have been sealed with plastic since the end of April and there is scaffolding covering them as well; what little light I usually get is now practically nonexistent. Moxie has been suffering through more of the construction noise than I have, which is starting to have an impact on her appetite. Yesterday, my dog walker had an emergency and couldn't make it, so I headed home at about 2 to walk her. As I entered the building, I was informed that a steel beam had crashed through my bedroom window and that there was a crew handling the repair and initial cleanup in my apartment. Long story short, everyone was okay, Moxie was freaked out, and everything was replaced and thoroughly cleaned before I turned in for the night.

I also learned that, despite the fact that I've been dealing with consequences of the construction for months, including some pretty serious jackhammering/drilling on my adjacent wall, that the major demolition/construction on the wall to the other side of me hasn't even begun yet. That starts tomorrow and will be another three months, the first few days of which will involve major noise.

Anyone have a nice cottage in the woods or a quiet garden apartment in Brooklyn I can move into for a while?


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