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Bon Voyages!

In a few hours I'll be flying off to France to meet my Dad, stepmother, brother, sister and brother-in-law for a walking trip in the Dordogne. I've been in this region before and am looking forward to the gorgeous countryside, amazing wine, and foie gras galore (sorry, California, try not to be jealous). Will try to post updates along the way. Au revoir!

Weekend Wrapup

Dinner at NoMad with Karen (CHICKEN!!), early to bed Friday night. Up super-early Saturday for open water swim at Coney Island followed by 50 minute run on the boardwalk. Lounging in Washington Square Park with Moxie Mutt, beer and pretzels at Der Schwarze Kölner with Josh, Jeramy & baby Sid, drinks/snacks/dinner with Colin, Jen, Jenny, Rob & Sara, with stops at Joseph Leonard, Bobo, Amor y Amargo & Terroir EV. Slept in on Sunday, then brunch at Red Farm with Rob, Nic & Liz, and Pride-parade watching with Karen, and a pit-stop at the 8th Street Winecellar for a frozen margarita (special for Pride). More Moxie time in the park, then wine and snacks with mom at Terroir Murray Hill, and a quick visit to Gin Palace on the way home. This week I plan to lay low . . .

Time Flies in Pro Bono Land

Holy shit! It's my seven year anniversary at D&P today -- I'm honored to be managing one of the best pro bono programs in the world and part of an amazing worldwide pro bono community, fighting the good fight.

Booze You Can Use: Sailing and Scotch

  Bowmore_ny_webIf you're looking for something interesting to do this Saturday the 23rd from 2:30-7 pm, is hosting an afternoon sail on the 158-foot schooner Clipper City, complete with punch made with Bowmore Legend Single Malt Scotch Whisky, and fresh oysters paired with Bowmore 12-year-old.

Once the ship docks, the fete continues at new FiDi cocktail den Demi Monde for a cocktail party featuring the Bowmore 15-year-old, 18-year-old and a special rare bottling.  Nibble on snacks while you learn to make a proper Rob Roy. is offering a VIP discount to friends of Sweet Blog o' Mine -- use this discount code to get $30 off the ticket price:  S&S65L.   Enjoy!


What a weekend. It encompassed a wide range of emotions, tears, laughter, mourning, celebration, love, and friendship and I ran, bike, ate, drank and danced. I celebrated life, love, endings, and beginnings, all the while reminding me to treasure the wonderful people I have in my world. As someone said to me while we were waiting to partake in some Indian food at the wedding celebration I attended this weekend, "relationships are everything." Sending love and strength to Lauren, and love and congratulations to Roopa and Mike. A very special thanks to Jon for making the trek to NYC to keep me company. And now, I will try to recover a bit.

Ode to a Spork

I bought this beauty to keep at work as I often find myself eating at my desk (i know, I know). I have to admit, I'm pretty enamoured with it, the handy little bugger.


Weekend Wrapup

After this past weekend, it's time to tone down the caloric intake and keep up with the workouts. Less than one month to go till the tri! Speaking of caloric intake, here's a rundown of my weekend:

Friday: F&F at Mihoko's 21 Grams (go if you can, even just for cocktails and sushi) with Jenn D. and Alejandra, early to bed.

Saturday: 6+ mile run in Central Park, Smorgasburg with Sarah, Arlan, Dewey & @MoxieMutt (pork belly bun, soft shell crab sandwich, green jasmine mint tea, hangar steak with romesco tapas), nap, DeKalb Market (fried oyster po'boy, Zapps Voodoo Chips, brownie) and Anthony Bourdain at BAM with Davis, then Stonehome Wine Bar, where Scott joined us as well.

Sunday: Big Apple BBQ Block Party (pulled pork w/cracklin's, baby back ribs) with Anthony, Davis, Matt, Vince & special guest star Pappy Van Winkle. Early to bed.

Booze You Can Use: Have a Jack Rose

JackrosePhoto: Tasting Table

Why do I always forget about the Jack Rose? I was reminded of it (again) as I was perusing this fantastic Tasting Table Back Bar piece (no, I didn't write it). The Jack Rose featured here is from Clover Club's Brad Farran. It's a fairly basic drink, and I'd recommend that you either purchase some good small batch grenadine or make your own (it's easy -- here's Audrey Saunders' recipe). Take a close look at Brad's recipe -- he also offers two variations.

Jack Rose
2 ounces Laird's bonded apple brandy
¾ ounce fresh lime juice
¾ ounce grenadine

Pour apple brandy, lime juice and grenadine into a cocktail shaker. Add ice and shake well, then strain into a sour or coupe glass and serve.

More of the Delicious!

How could I forget to include this in my last post?! The Sippy Cup at Mother's Ruin: bourbon, Galliano, Nestlé Quik, vanilla, milk. In the slushie machine. Served in a Quik-rimmed glass with a cookie/chocolate (non-functional yet mighty tasty) straw.