Booze You Can Use: Speed Rack Finals!!

The Graduate

I know I've already posted this on Facebook, but I'm so proud that I couldn't resist! Miss Moxie is now an obedience school graduate. We attended a six-week Basic Obedience class through Kate Perry Dog Training, and I can't recommend it enough. Kate and her team were wonderful and gave me useful tools to continue working with Moxie going forward. We worked on "look," "sit," "stay," "down," "leave it," and "come," all of which we practice every day on walks and at home (she's better at some than others, but there's been a great deal of improvement overall).  Kate offers a 10% discount to rescue dogs and runs classes at various locations throughout the city. We even had a little graduation ceremony and I swear I almost cried. God help me if I ever have kids . . .

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