Booze You Can Use: Have an Americano
Booze You Can Use: Manhattan Cocktail Classic Presale!

Weekend Wrapup


This weekend was a great mix of much-needed downtime, cocktail explorations with Ceci (like the Oaxacan Dream at Viktor & Spoils, pictured above: Vida Mezcal, Pineapple Juice, Cranberry, Lime, Agave.), catching up with friends over brunch, and hanging out in the park with Moxie, enjoying the weather. It was disrupted a bit by additional canine health and safety issues, however, including another trip to the vet for digestive strife (she is now on liquid, chicken-flavored antibiotis) and a minor incident involving a small paw somehow getting tangled in a radio antenna. I am starting to question my dog-parenting abilities. Thankfully she's not a child or I'd be the subject of an ACS investigation by now.

And on a food note: really enjoyed the nachos topped with cactus at Viktor & Spoils and the fried chicken at Monument Lane, but was heartbroken to learn that the Chicharrones Jacks are no longer on the menu at Booker & Dax.

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