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For those of you who haven't yet figured it out through Facebook or Twitter, I've adopted a dog! Formerly known as Ashley (because she had a sister named Mary-Kate, who I also hope got re-named), I've renamed her Moxie. I adopted her through the folks at Badass Brooklyn Foster Dogs. I highly recommend them if you're at all interested in adopting. They rescue dogs from shelters, mostly in the South, and place them in a network of foster homes throughout the city before helping to find them homes. They've been great at holding my hand, and connecting me with resources I need as I figure this all out. Moxie is sweet and friendly, but has a bit of separation anxiety (as do I given that I had to leave her and go to work today).  Thankfully, the wonderful folks who fostered her through the past five weeks or so put in a great deal of work and had helpful suggestions on how to help her (us) work through it. They also did the hard work of housebreaking her (thank you!!!). She seems to know how to sit, but we're going to work on solidifying sit, come, and down as our first obedience priorities in addition to the separation anxiety stuff.

I never expected to be a purse dog kind of gal, but I feel like Moxie is a big dog in a little body -- she has been comfortable meeting dogs of many sizes as well as people. She even had her first dinner party the other night -- she was incredibly well-behaved.  Her size will also allow me to cart her around the city with me, not to mention she is ok for flying, so she will get to hang out with the other family dogs at some point -- get ready, Lucy, Teddy, and Ivy Brian!! 

I also want to thank Rachel and Jimmy, who are both relatively recent small dog owners, for all of their suggestions and encouragement. Moxie is looking forward to meeting you, Mochi, Ninja, Barley and Hops!  And, by suggestion of @RonDiggity and inspired by @Bayduh, she has her own Twitter feed at @MoxieMutt. Yes, I have become the scary purse dog lady who carries dog treats in her pocket and has a Twitter feed for her dog. And I've only had her since Saturday. Watch out. That said, since I've never owned a small dog before, I'm still treating her more like a big dog than I should, except that she is allowed on the couch.  I haven't taken her out in a bag yet, but I'm sure that'll come soon.

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