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As much as I wanted to do that bit from The Princess Bride at my sister's wedding tonight, I am restraining myself. She's much more grown up now, but this is still one of my favorite pictures of her. Congratulations to Katie and Pete! Looking forward to celebrating with you this weekend.


It's my first visit to Portland; I'm out here for Portland Cocktail Week, which starts tonight. In the meantime, I caught up on some sleep and am having some delicious oyster hash at the Bijou Café before exploring the city a bit. Tonight: dinner at Le Pigeon before heading to the opening festivities. Excited about my time here. If you're in town, I'll see you soon!

This Week's Reading List

If you haven't read these two pieces this week, you should. 

Going With Your Gut First, And Then Your Heart pretty much sums up my philosophy on food and relationship compatibility. Gathering over food and drink, often at my own home, is a huge part of my life and someone who "doesn't eat vegetables" or would rather eat a wrap at the gym cafe than have a home-cooked healthy meal (yes, I've heard both of these from men I have dated) is likely not the guy for me. He doesn't have to be as crazy as I am about food or enjoy cooking as much, but it would be ideal if he were open to it and excited about it, and embraced my passion for cooking for friends and family. As a starting point. The last boyfriend I lived with learned to cook in our home. He continues to cook to this day.

All the Single Ladies explores how the "romantic market" has changed for marriage-minded women, but also how many women are challenging whether or not they want to be married at all. As the author states in the articles introduction: "[T]his strange state of affairs also presents an opportunity: as the economy evolves, it’s time to embrace new ideas about romance and family—and to acknowledge the end of “traditional” marriage as society’s highest ideal." Definitely an interesting read and one that got me thinking.

Booze You Can Use: Ultimate Spirits Blast

This Friday, October 14th, you can have the chance to taste a vast array of spirits, cocktails and wine, all in once place.   The Ultimate Beverage Challenge, founded by beverage expert and author F. Paul Pacult, hosts the Ultimate Spirits Blast, which will take place at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. Not only is there an incredibly long list of beverages to taste and discover, but you'll find many of your favorite NYC bartenders stirring and shaking, and authors David Wondrich and Jim Meehan will be among those signing their spirit and cocktail-related books. 

Tickets are $125 for 6:30 general admission and $175 for VIP admission at 5:30 and are available online.  See you there!

Memories . . .

Spent this weekend in Boston, primarily visiting my brother, but catching up with friends and family, and taking a walk down memory lane. My brother moved to Davis Square, just near Tufts, my alma mater. It has changed dramatically since I last lived there (which, to be fair, was 19 years ago. ACK!), but it was still comforting in some ways to stroll around familiar neighborhoods and the Tufts campus, letting the memories flow back.  It was also fun to check out a bit of what's new in Boston, including the gorgeous waterfront in the Fort Point area and the new Greenway parks.  I also did a bit of wedding dress shopping with my sister -- probably the girliest thing we ever have or will do together -- and not at all what you imagine when you think of wedding dress shopping. It basically involved 40 minutes at Anthropologie, but I think we were successful.

Food and drink highlights: a visit to Drink for bespoke cocktails and snacks, dinner at Redbones, lunch at Zoe's Gourmet Chinese.  Now that my bro's up there, I'll likely go visit a bit more often, and will get to see those I missed this weekend!

My Five #100Best

I got some good (and logical) guesses, but here are my five contributions to TONY's #100best:

Under Bar Food: Torres Tots at PDT and Spicy Fried Chickpeas at Mother's Ruin

Under International Eats: the Sizzling Sisig at Maharlika

Under Vegetarian-Friendly: Crispy Chinese Watercress Salad at Sripraphai

Under Best of the Rest: Spicy Sliced Pork Jerky at Malaysia Beef Jerky

I've already got an idea or two for next year . . .

Introspection and Contemplation

During the High Holidays, I tend to get somewhat introspective. As the weather gets cooler, it somehow seems natural to pause and reflect over the past year and contemplate the year to come. According to Jewish faith, this is the week that seals your fate for the next year; you repent for your sins during the past year, and look towards improving your behavior in the upcoming year: What was good or bad about the past year? What changes to I want to make in my life? What are my goals for the upcoming year? How can I be a better person? As I've mentioned to some of you, I am trying (as usual) to slow down some. Conviently, my body is helping me out. I seem to need more sleep than I did a few years ago. Slowing down, to me, also means focusing on and savoring the present moment; less worring about the future or dwelling on the past. I have some lofty goals in place for the year to come; stay tuned. And Shana Tova to all -- Jewish or not!!