Rock You Like a Hurricane

Cooking Up A Storm

I was supposed to go to Maine this past weekend, but was foiled by Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene. That said, I had serious lobster on the brain, and between that and Mark Bittman's timely piece on lobster in the Sunday NYT magazine, I decided that lobster bisque was just what I needed to make it through the storm. I stockpiled everything I needed, but as Saturday morning arrived, I realized I needed a tomato, so headed to my local natural foods market, where I picked up a bunch of tomatoes, corn, and an artichoke. As of about 2 p.m. on Saturday, after a workout, I hunkered down and started to cook, thinking that friends within walking distance might come over that night. After brunch (egg, Flying Pigs Farm bacon, skim latte), I made lobster stock from some shells I had in the freezer, cooked the two lobsters I had bought the night before, then proceeded to make bisque, corn and tomato salad, and a steamed artichoke. As I was taking out the garbage, I ran into my next door neighbors, and we arranged for an impromptu dinner party later that evening. In addition to the bisque, I whipped up some brownies (using my favorite recipe, but substituting some espresso-laced chocolate), and we feasted -- Arturo's pizza;  tomato, corn, shallot & arugula salad; bisque and brownies.

Day two of the storm seemed a little calmer, and true to our nature, my fellow New Yorkers were ansty from being inside all day and night on Saturday. Roopa, Karen, Enzo, Noel, Caroline & Kevin came over and we feasted on a hodgepodge of canned goods (pickled herring, anyone?), made Ramos Gin Fizzes and Bloody Marys/Red Snappers and a killer batch of fried rice, spearheaded by Noel. We followed that up with A Fish Called Wanda and truffle-parmesan popcorn. 

Almost everyone I talked to ate and drank their way through the storm. Wonder if that's just a reflection of my friends and family or if people generally find it comforting?

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