Hello, Gorgeous!
Weekend Wrapup

Constant Craving

Have you ever gotten a craving that was so overwhelming that you just HAD to indulge it?  I don't get cravings like that very often, but yesterday I was hit with the weirdest craving -- for those fried wonton skins that are often served at suburban Chinese restaurants with duck sauce for dipping. I can't remember the last time I had those, but I wanted them. I NEEDED them. So I got them. And they completely hit the spot, but since I had to order an egg roll and a steamed pork bun along with them in order to meet the delivery minimum, that become my (completely unhealthy) dinner. Oh well. I walked home from work, which takes about 50 minutes, to undo a fraction of the damage. Back on a healthier eating program today, but man, those things hit the spot.

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