Weekend Wrapup

Cooking from the Shelf: Al's Seafood Bisque

I have a wonderful cookbook collection.  For a while now, I have wanted to do a blogging project where I select one of my cookbooks, make a recipe from it that I've been wanting to make, and document it for all of you fabulous readers out there (some of whom may actually help eat it as well).  A while back, I selected my first recipe:  Al Yeganeh's Seafood Bisque from the New York Cookbook.  The first time I visted the "Soup Nazi," pre-franchise, of course, I got the bisque and was wowed by the rich, flavorful stock with heaps of seafood.  I literally bought the cookbook in order to get the recipe and knew that, although it seemed a bit time consuming, the end result would be well worth it.  I was right. 

Each of the individual seafood components are steamed individually, and then the steaming liquid and shells become the base for the stock.  You can find a link to the recipe here and the full photo gallery here.  Stay tuned for more throughout the winter!




mussels, lookin' good


and it all goes into the pot for stock


the end result -- delicious.

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