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Happy Chanukah!

Call Me!*


Something odd has happened over the past year and a half or so:  I've noticed that I talk on the phone significantly less than I used to.  I'd wager that you might say the same thing.  I find that the majority of my interaction with friends, even the ones I used to call regularly, is now via phone, IM, or email, and it's often to make plans to catch up on person.  Why is this?  For me, I can say that I hate talking cell-to-cell, so will often limit my "big" phone calls to times when I am home so I can talk on my land line (yes, I have a land line).  Plus, I'd rather catch up in person, which is fine for local friends/relatives, but not so great for long-distance folks.  I'm going to try to be better about making more phone calls, but I hope that others will also feel free to call me, especially you out-of-towners.

* A nod, of course, to Blondie.  Art by Gaping Void.

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