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I Am The Walrus

Correct Career

Many people have asked me if I would ever give up my "day job" to be a full-time food/cocktail writer.  I've always said no, for several reasons.  First, my "day job" is much more to me than that.  I truly love having a career in the pro bono world, where I know that my work is helping low-income people get much-needed legal assistance, even if it's not by my representing them directly.  Second, although I love writing, I don't think I have the self-motivation to be a freelance writer, constantly hustling and pitching stories.  I have managed to find a perfect balance for me, and I hope I can keep it.  Finally, I am currently writing a piece now under a short timeline that has made me realize how physically difficult being a food writer can be.  My stomach HATES me right now, and I've still got about three dishes left to taste.  For those of you out there who do this full time -- you are rock stars.

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